I have been travelling to Africa since I was 12 years old. My Mum fell in love with the continent when she was 19 and it stuck on her…I grew up hearing the most incredible stories, and that first safari had me hooked. Anyone who’s been to this magical continent knows what I mean – it’s as though something crawled under my skin and hasn’t let me go – an addiction which only gets worse every time I see a documentary or step off the plane in Nairobi. My travels have led me on some incredible adventures…from summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, to tracking chimpanzees in Western Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains, gorilla tracking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and canoeing on the Lower Zambezi to name a few. I work for a specialist tour operator which organises safaris throughout Africa, enabling me to have some unforgettable experiences which I want to share, to inspire other travellers, engage with other Africa-philes, and capture some of my memories. As well as tales of my own adventures, I will review books and documentaries, share stories I’ve heard around the campfire and post photographs I have taken. I hope you enjoy joining me in my journey!


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