The rains are coming to East Africa

It’s officially April, in East Africa it’s the start of the long rains, bringing with them brooding stormclouds, sheets of rain passing over the plains and everywhere life being restored. Whilst other countries have a spring, summer, autumn and winter, East Africa has dry and rainy seasons. April and May are the long rains, November the short rains. Both provide much needed nourishment to the land, both for the people and wildlife that lives there. In the southern reaches of the Serengeti, the rain sparks an age-old instinct in some two million wildebeest, zebras and gazelles to start their annual migration. Dormant seeds lying in the dry earth suddenly sprout and turn the land green overnight. Flowers pop up providing bursts of colour and flocks of butterflies fill the skies. In many ways, it’s not dissimilar to our spring time here, with new life popping up everywhere – just a lot more dramatic. For anyone braving the storms, enjoy it and pray for a good rainy season for the sake of the people, land and wildlife of this beautiful corner of Africa.


Where am I going tomorrow?

Giraffe, Ruaha National Park

Every now and then at work, we play the “where are you going tomorrow” game. The rules are simple: you’re flying overnight and will wake up in your destination – regardless of how difficult it really is to reach in real life. You  have 3 nights there, and then have to come home. It’s escapism pure and simple, and a liberating way to daydream out loud.

So…I thought I’d throw it out there, and include you!

I am going to Ruaha – a magic park in southern Tanzania, great big cats, none of the minibuses or crowds you find elsewhere, and top safari guides. There’s a new mobile camping trip that I’m dying to try out, really exploring the wilder sides of Ruaha, so that’s where I’m going!

What about you?